Single Hung Windows

A single hung window consists of two sashes, one on the top that does not move and another one on the bottom that does move vertically. Contrast single-hung windows with fixed windows (consisting of one sash that does not move) or double-hung windows (consisting of two sashes, both of which move up and down).

Single-hung windows are available in both new construction or replacement window styles. The chief advantage of the fixed window is that it limits air intrusion, since there are fewer seams that must be blocked with window seals. As time goes by, window seals begin to dry and hard, creating cracks which allow for air seepage. Also, some fixed windows may be less expensive than double-hung or casement windows, due to fewer mechanical parts.

Standard Window Features

  • Fusion welded corners (.080 wall thickness) with multiple hollow chambers for watertight strength and energy efficiency.
  • Double strength glass standard, 3/4″ overall I.G. unit thickness for maximum energy efficiency.
  • Ventilation latches.
  • Platinum Elite™ triple chambered silicone foam spacer provides lower U-factors, sound transmission, and condensation.
  • Window locks with Cam lock design and continuous interlocking metal reinforced meeting rails provide tamper-proof security and weather-tight performance. (Passes “California Forced Entry” CFE resistance test.)
  • Sash tilts in for easy cleaning from inside.
  • Dual durometer glazing bead for a water tight seal.
  • Dual wall glazing leg reduces condensation.
  • Exterior glazed for added security.
  • Contoured integral lift rail for clean, smooth lines and easy operation. (Not a snap-on piece.)
  • Beveled frame and sash for a pleasing appearance.
  • 1/2″ constant force stainless steel balance system engineered to never need adjusting and to provide uniform ease opening and closing your windows.

If you need some window ideas, we’ve put together a gallery of window inspirations: